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  Frequently Asked Questions

No. Although S.T.A.R. is the official riding association of Star Motorcycles, we welcome all motorcycle enthusiasts who seek to promote the S.T.A.R mission. You can ride any brand of motorcycle. If you are willing to uphold the chapter charter and meet the minimum requirements we welcome anyone.
No. You only need to participate as often as you can to be a member. For voting purposes, you will need to participate at least 50% of the time for voting privileges.
Our official Chapter meets & rides are once a month, the second Saturday of each month. We also get together for spur of the moment rides as well as overnight trips and weekend getaways. Keep informed by joining us on Facebook, or opting-in with our email ride notification list.
No. You only need be a current member of Star Touring and Riding Association (STAR National)
To protect you and other members, our children riding, and grandchildren's safety. To protect our association members from bikers who don't practice safe responsible biking. To promote a positive image and family friendly environment to our members. To unite and unify our association nationally and worldwide toward the same mission statement. We are family! To promote S.T.A.R. in a unified manner while setting an example in our respective communities and helping others less fortunate than us.
No. Although it does protect you in minor accidents, from flying debris thrown up from vehicles and more.
No. This is optional. However it shows your support, pride and enthusiasm for our association, chapter and to the public that you are helping to promote our unified mission. There are guidelines to follow on how to wear them for unification.