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Group Riding for Chapter Rides

Group Riding Hand Signals

All riders will familiarize themselves with the following hand, light and horn signals. These signals will be strictly adhered to at all times.
1) If a rider needs fuel, they will waive their left hand from side to side while pointing at their fuel tank. All forward riders will relay the signal until the Ride Captain acknowledges it. Fuel Signal
2) If a rider has a mechanical malfunction, they will wave their hand in a circle above their head (if it can be done safely). That rider may drop out of the group if necessary and the forward riders will be responsible for relaying the signal up to the Ride Captain. The Tail Gunner will assist the rider in any way possible and join the group at a later time. Pull Off Signal
3) If the Ride Captain wants the group to ride in a Single File Formation, he will raise his left hand above his head with his index finger extended, all riders will relay this back to Tail Gunner. Two fingers extended (index & pinkie) while waving the hand, indicates resume staggered formation. Single File Signal
4) To signal the group must SLOW DOWN, the left hand will be held downward with the open palm facing back. Slow Down Signal
5) To signal a STOP, the left arm will extend straight down, palm facing back.
To signal the group must STOP QUICKLY, the left hand will be moving in a pumping motion along the left side of the bike, while using a closed fist.
Stop Signal
6) If a rider needs a REST STOP, that rider will tap the top of their helmet with the left hand. This signal will be relayed forward to the Ride Captain until he acknowledges. Rest Stop Signal
7) If the group becomes separated the last rider in the first group will flash the motorcycle high beam lights off and on, the signal will relay forward to the Ride Captain he will acknowledge by slowing to a safe speed and wait until the group reforms (in some cases he may pull over and reform the group).  
8) FREEWAY LANE CHANGES will be made in the following order. The Ride Captain will signal the lane change using hand signals ONLY. The hand signal will relay thru the group to the Tail Gunner who will check the lane for traffic and move over, then and only then the group will move over from the rear to the front.