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Rules and Guidelines for Chapter Rides

Ride Rules

  • 1) All riders must complete a Ride Waiver and turn it in to our Sergeant at Arms before you are permitted on a chapter ride.
  • 2) All bikes will be maintained in a safe condition. Motorcycles with malfunctioning lights, brakes, or worn tires (less than 1/32) tread will not be permitted to participate in Chapter rides.
  • 3) All motorcycles must be fueled (topped off) prior to arriving at our meeting area.
  • 4) No drinking or drugs on any portion of the ride is allowed.
  • 5) All traffic laws will be strictly obeyed.
  • 6) When riding in a group, motorcycles will be ridden in a staggered formation except for when coming to a stop, when riders will stop side by side in order to save space.
  • 7) One or more riders will be designated as the Road Captain. Shall ride in the front left position in the group and lead each group point out road hazards as they are found by hand signal to be passed back through the group.
  • 8) One to two riders will be designated as Tail Gunners.  The Tail Gunner is responsible for keeping all riders in formation.  Should a rider need to leave the formation, only the Tail Gunner will stop to assist them.  A Chapter Officer may designate him.
  • 9) Riders who elect to drop out of a ride (i.e. they do not desire to continue) will notify the Tail Gunner prior to doing so.
  • 10) One rider will be designated as Sergeant at Arms.  The Sergeant at Arms is responsible for keeping the peace, enforcing chapter and charter rules, and collection of monies for tolls, etc.

Ride Guide

How should I ride with a group?

1st- Never ride over your personal comfort zone no matter what.

2nd- Always be alert, scanning front to back and side to side for the unexpected obstacles, other vehicles, and other bikers.

 3rd - Watch for everything as you would if riding solo.

 4th- Watch for hand signals given first by the Road Captain and passed back through the group to the Tail Gunner at the end.

 5th- Leave a 2 second space between yourself and the next biker in front of and opposite side of your bike (stagger).

 6th- Learn and use all appropriate hand signals.

 7th- Relax and keep your speed down and the rpm's up to insure good traction on your back tire. Otherwise you can low side your bike when cornering.

 8th- Curves should be taken one bike at a time whether in stagger or single file formation to allow enough radius for each bike to turn.

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Why should you ride in a staggered formation?

Safety issues: There are many unforeseen conditions that can arise while riding such as: Animals, vehicles failing to yield right of way, debris on the road, unexpected debris falling into your lane, oil spots, gravel, sand and more. Riding staggered gives each biker time and space to react to the potential unexpected mishaps without compromising or endangering the safety of his/her fellow bikers in the group.

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Why is riding in a group safer than alone?

The more visibility and number you have on the road the safer you are around other vehicles. More noise from pipes also calls attention that something out of the norm is near to approaching vehicles not always watching for others. Visibility includes flags, clothing, lights and more. The best offense is a good defense.

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Why do most bikes have loud pipes?

To be heard by other vehicles whether riding as a group or solo. Most motorists are not keenly aware of motorcycles unless they themselves have one. Loud pipes have been proven to save lives.

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How will I be judged as a potential member wanting to join your chapter?

1st- Your riding style and ability to ride safely in a group without jeopardizing the safety of others.

2nd- Are you S.T.A.R. quality. [See what we mean below]

3rd- Your willingness to participate in chapter events.

!-- STAR Quality --!

S = Safe, scenic, sensible group riding and family oriented fellowship

T = Teaching the public, our children and grandchildren about responsible biking while promoting a positive image

A = Always willing to actively help others including members and those less fortunate while promoting STAR. Always treating others equally and fairly.

R = Respect for others no matter their life style, beliefs, or opinions without discrimination, dissention or arguments. Ready to protect, promote, and uphold the Chapter Charter, By Laws and Guidelines.

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I have never ridden with a group can I still join?

Yes. You will be afforded at least 3 opportunities to ride with us on a trial basis before being considered for membership in this chapter. You will also be partnered with one of our experienced veteran members "Shepherd" to help you learn the ropes. You may also receive extra help from other chapter members to bring you up the speed, enhance your comfort zone, exchange tips and tricks for a particular bikes features and more. This is to insure both your safety and those of our members. When we all ride safely, we can return to ride again and again as a group and continue to enjoy each others fellowship.

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I just bought my first motorcycle ever, will your chapter teach me to ride?

No. We can give you tips, tricks, pointers, stories and more from our experiences solo or as a group about riding safely. We do not have the expertise, time or formal training to operate a school for new riders. We suggest that you contact the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) They offer courses on how to ride with highly qualified trainers. Once you have completed this course, your license will be issued. In fact, taking the course will get you an extra discount on motorcycle insurance with most companies.

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