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Ride with STAR Chapter 258 : Rock Inn

Moorpark Grinders at 0830
Brad Danny
DebbieZimmermann Mark
Ron Russ +1
Scott Steve
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Join us for the Rock Inn Ride!
Join us for the Monthly Meeting & Ride to Lake Hughes on Saturday, November the 10th, that will take us about 0 miles with a lunch stop at Rock Inn. Starting at Grinders in Moorpark at 0830, our Ride Captain, Danny, will lead us safely through the roads and have us back around 0430.

Looks like the weather will be sunny next weekend so lets get out and ride! This is one of my favorite rides to the Rock Inn via Lake Hughes Road where we will stop for lunch. The ride back will take us down through Spunky Canyon and Bouquet Canyon.

The Rock Inn Established in 1929.

Built of rock quarried in the Lake Hughes area, two stories tall and with arched windows and doorways and a large stone fireplace, the Rock Inn was a store, post office and hotel. It also functioned as a bus station called a stage stop, though by the 1920s the Valley had auto stages, not horse-drawn stages.
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Thousand Oaks
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Ride and meeting cancelled d/t fires.
Thousand Oaks
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Me and Angel will meet you guys out at the Rock Inn. Rather than us ride all the way to Moorpark. We will plan to be there around 10:15 that morning .
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This is one of my favorite rides, too. Sad to say, it another that I have to miss.
Please ride safely and hope to join up with y’all someday soon!
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