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El Rio Toy Run
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Ride with STAR Chapter 258 : El Rio Toy Run

Moorpark Grinders at 0730
Linda Ron
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Join us for the El Rio Toy Run Ride!
Join us for the Monthly Meeting & Ride to El Rio on Saturday, December the 14th, that will take us about 70 miles. Starting at Grinders in Moorpark at 0730, our Ride Captain, Danny, will lead us safely through the roads and have us back around 1200.

The El Rio School District Toy Run is a really great event that we have supported as a Chapter for the last 7 years. This year the organizers are expecting 500 kids so we really need everyone to support this one! Please note that the meet time is 7:30 AM and we need to be on the road by 8:00 - so don't be late. After the toy run we will meet at Ron’s house for a 2020 ride calendar meeting.

The "Entrance Fee" for this event is two unwrapped toys per person (Rider and Passenger) so please get 1 gift for a boy and 1 for a girl and bring them with you to the meeting. The route is usually a winding ride through some back roads in the area and ends up at the school with all the kids and families cheering for the Bikers! It really gives you a great feeling to be able to help these kids and families - so don't miss it!
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Thousand Oaks
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This is a favorite ride of mine, but I can't go. My daughter is having a get together to reveal the gender of the baby she is carrying. I could show up at Grinders and bring 2 gifts if someone can take them. Let me know!
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