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Ride with STAR Chapter 258 : El Rio Toy Run

Moorpark Grinders at 07:30
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Join us for the El Rio Toy Run Ride!
Join us for the Monthly Meeting & Ride to El Rio on Saturday, December the 12th, that will take us about 70 miles. Starting at Grinders in Moorpark at 07:30, our Ride Captain, Danny, will lead us safely through the roads and have us back around 02:00.

The El Rio School District Toy Run is a really great event that we have supported as a Chapter for the last 7 years. This year the organizers are expecting 500 kids so we really need everyone to support this one! Please note that the meet time is 7:30 AM and we need to be on the road by 8:30AM - so don't be late!

The "Entrance Fee" for this event is two unwrapped toys per person (Rider and Passenger) so please get 1 gift for a boy and 1 for a girl and bring them with you to the meeting. The route is usually a winding ride through some back roads in the area and ends up at the school with all the kids and families cheering for the Bikers! It really gives you a great feeling to be able to help these kids and families - so don't miss it!
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