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Ride with STAR Chapter 258 : Newcombs Ranch

Moorpark Grinders at 08:00 am
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Join us for the Newcombs Ranch Ride!
Join us for the Monthly Meeting & Ride to La Canada Flintridge on Saturday, July the 10th, that will take us about 170 miles. Starting at Grinders in Moorpark at 08:00 am, our Ride Captain, Danny, will lead us safely through the roads and have us back around 3:00 pm.

This ride will take us on the 118 to 210 to Angeles Crest Highway. Will be a beautiful scenic ride that passes Mt Wilson and takes us deep into the hills to this little hidden roadhouse called Newcombs Ranch.

Newcomb's Ranch is a roadhouse at 5,340 feet (1,630 m) in elevation in the Angeles National Forest, near Los Angeles, California. It is the only private property along the Angeles Crest Highway and is very popular with motorcyclists and is called "the informal headquarters for riders" by the Los Angeles Magazine and "one of Southern California's most famous Rickey Racer Roadhouses" by Motorcyclist. The roadhouse is located in unincorporated Los Angeles County, near La Cañada Flintridge.
In 1888, an adventurous man visited Chilao by the name of Louie Newcomb, a master trailblazer and cabin builder. Louie built his first cabin about a quarter mile Northeast of the present day Newcomb’s Ranch. From this small, but cozy cabin, a steady stream of hunters, hikers and friends visited Louie. A frequent guest and friend of Newcomb’s was William “Sturde’s” Sturtevant. A plan was hatched between the two to create a toll trail and charge users 25 cents. Louie spent years developing a trail from Sturde’s Camp in the Upper Santa Anita Canyon leading into Chilao high country and beyond. The toll trail never really worked, as there was no way to patrol and collect fees from the many miles of trail. Louie soon found an alternatve occupation as one of the first Forest Rangers in the newly created “San Gabriel Timber Reserve”. Louie served in this for 13 years, building many cabins and trails still used today. Eventually Newcomb settled down, got married and bought a home in Sierra Madre. He sold most of his land to his cousin Lynn Newcomb Sr. in 1929, leaving the high country for good in 1940 feeling that the newly created Angeles Crest Highway “ruined the place”.

Newcomb’s Ranch Inn was built in 1939; the Ranch has changed many times over the last several decades, serving as a restaurant, hotel, general store and gas station. Much if the original two story structure was destroyed from a fire in 1976. The building was rebuilt and opened as a restaurant for many years by Lynn Newcomb Jr. Today, Newcomb’s Ranch is owned by Frederick H. Rundall, a lover of nature with a passion for the mountains.
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