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Ride with STAR Chapter 258 : Pine Mtn Club

Moorpark Grinders at 0800
Angel Brent
Danny DebbieZimmermann
Eric John
Johnny Ron
Ron Russ
Steve Terry
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Join us for the Pine Mtn Club Ride!
Join us for the Monthly Meeting & Ride to on Saturday, May the 12th, that will take us about 220 miles. Starting at Grinders in Moorpark at 0800, our Ride Captain, Danny, will lead us safely through the roads and have us back around 0430.

Pine Mountain Club has an area of 16.7 square miles (43.7 km2). It ranges from 4,901 feet (1,494 m) to 6,400 feet (1,951 m) in elevation.

The community sits in a deep valley of the San Emigdio Mountains, on the San Andreas fault. It is surrounded by Los Padres National Forest, in an area where the rare and endangered California condor ranges.

The town lies between Apache Saddle and Pinon Pines Estates along Mil Potrero Highway. It is west of Frazier Park, Lebec, and Interstate 5.
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Thousand Oaks
Rides: 9
In Ketchikan Alaska now. Will hurry back to make our club ride!
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Will be up north picking up my bike at Corbin with a new seat.
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Totally forgot forgot my friends son graduation from St Thomas Acquainus. Sorry can’t make it.
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