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Camarillo Chevron at 0800
Brad Danny
DebbieZimmermann Eric
Loree Ron
Steve Terry
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Join us for the Surf Beach Ride!
Join us for the Monthly Meeting & Ride to Vandenberg AFB on Saturday, June the 8th, that will take us about 250 miles with a lunch stop at Picnic Style. Starting at Chevron in Camarillo at 0800, our Ride Captain, Danny, will lead us safely through the roads and have us back around 0430.

Surf Beach is actually on Vandenberg AFB right at the ocean between North "V" and South "V". This is how the two sections of the base are referred to if you are stationed there. This is a Picnic Ride so please bring your own lunch and drinks. There is free parking and there are restrooms. The beach is a great walking beach - so bring some comfortable shoes!

Surf Beach is a public beach located on Vandenberg Air Force Base near Lompoc, CA. Access to Surf Beach is from the Amtrak train stop parking area along West Ocean Avenue. The areas north and south of Surf Beach are closed March 1st through September 30th to protect the Snowy Plover bird nesting spots. If nesting area human violation limits are exceeded, the entire beach will be closed for the remainder of the bird nesting season so read signs and avoid all nesting areas during this period. Vandenberg AFB keeps track of the beach closures on the plover update page. No fishing is allowed at Surf Beach as it is part of Vandenberg State Marine Reserve. Surfers and bodyboarders use this beach, but it has been the site of two fatal shark attacks in recent years. At minus tides it is possible to walk south on the beach to some amazing colorful sea caves. It’s too bad they are only accessible a few times a year (minus tides AND outside of the nesting season). It’s a three-mile beach walk in both directions to see the caves. From October to February you can also walk to Surf Beach from nearby Ocean Beach County Park which is an excellent bird-watching spot.
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